Myosmart is a special lens designed to control myopia progression in children.

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How does Myosmart work?

Myosmart uses patented D.I.M.S technology by HK PolyU to control growth of a child's eyes during key developmental stages.


"MyoSmart with D.I.M.S technology is comprised of a central optical zone for correcting refractive error and multiple defocus segments evently surrounding the central zone of the lens to control myopia progression.







This provides clear vision and myopic defocus simultaneously at all viewing distances. The lens makes use of the natural homeostatic mechanism known as "emmetropisation", whereby the eyeball adapts and shapes to receive focused images as it does for normal vision."

How effective is Myosmart?

Studies by PolyU and Hoya have shown that children who wear Myosmart had their myopia reduced by up to 60%, compared to children who wore regular lenses. 

Can my child wear this?

As soon as your child show signs of myopia, they are eligible for MyoSmart. However, children with-6.50 of myopia or astigmatism will not benefit from this treatment.

How durable are the lenses?

MyoSmart uses polycarbonate 1.59, which is a highly impact resistant material that has passed the high velocity impact drop ball test*.

Adapting to the new lenses

Expect one to two weeks to adapt, though the amount of time varies from person to person.

While adapting, the wearer should avoid:

  • Intensive sport activities (ex. basketball, football)

  • Operating any kind of vehicle (ex. cycling, scootering)

  • Participating in sports activities or physical education lessons at school

  • Using them on high staircases or in other places with different height (ex. rock climbing)


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