Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is a safe and convenient treatment for reducing short-sightedness, and is especially effective at controlling myopia in children and adolescents


The Ortho-K lens reshapes the cornea while sleeping at night, resulting in much clearer vision for the next day - without the need for glasses or disposable contact lenses.

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Why choose Ortho-K?

Studies from The Myopia Research Centre of the Hong Kong in PolyU found that, when compared to children who wear spectacles, Ortho-K can slow down Myopia progression by up to 50%. This makes Ortho-K great for safeguarding better vision, especially for adolescents during key development stages. 

Ortho-K is also great for adults those who want the convenience of 20/20 vision without eye-wear during the day. This is especially convenient for sports and work environments with lots of dust and other eye irritants.


Is Ortho-K safe?

Ortho-k is non-surgical, is completely reversible, and removes the need to wear soft contact lenses during the day, where recreational activities and dust in the air can cause displacement and discomfort.

Should there be a need to do so, the treatment can also be paused at any time.

As one of the first companies in Hong Kong to offer Ortho-K in the 90s, our treatment program is time-honed and effective, as many of our clients can testify.


Who can wear Ortho-K?

Children 6 - 14 years old can start wearing Ortho-K.

Consider Ortho-K if your child suffers from dry eyes or irritation from day-time contact lenses, or if he or she simply want to enjoy daily life free of eye-wear.


How long/often must the lenses be worn?

You gain the most benefit from wearing the Ortho-K lenses daily, every night before bed. This is important for effective myopia control in children and adolescents.

Keep in mind that your clear vision will wear off over the course of several days if the lenses aren't worn.


How do I get started with Ortho-K?

After a comprehensive assessment with our optometrist, we can give you a professional opinion about whether Ortho-K is suitable for you or your child, and guide you through the next steps.



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