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With a quick check-up and professional approval from our optometrist, we can help you stay on-the-go with your preferred brand of soft contact lenses.

When ordering from us for the first time, we are required by law to have our certified optometrist check your eyes before prescribing any kind of contact lenses, with an accompanying $150 consultation fee. Once that is done, placing orders is as easy as a simple phone call.


Afterwards, we recommend coming in for an eye check every 2 years to ensure lens safety, fit and clarity.

  • A wide assortment of soft contact lenses from Acuvue, CooperVision, Bausch and Lomb, and Alcon

  • Variety of 1 day, 2 weeks, and monthly contact lenses available

  • Contact lens solutions for cleaning, soaking, and deep-cleaning (for RGP hard contact lenses only) are available over-the-counter​

  • Multi-focal and colour contact lenses are available as well


*Note: Please allow a couple of days after placing an order for delivery

to our shop unless otherwise specified

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